Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I have developed a story for my thesis but I feel like I just have bits and pieces, Im confused because I feel like my idea lacks many the the requirements for a good story. For one thing I don't really go in too deep on any of my characters, I do have a main character but I feel like I don't have enough time to develop it within my animation. I could create a character bio which I will but the problem will be actually demonstrating who this character is. I asked questions in my last class because I felt I could develop a full story so I would be satisfied with a section of my story but then how do I go about it. I'll begin by explaining what I have thought of and hopefully I'll develop what I need.

It is set in the futuristic western time in the dessert. It begins with a outside view of a saloon as it slowing begins to move in you see a small boy chasing a small girl run across the screen as it moves closer the scene changes to the inside of the saloon where everyone is drinking and playing cards, my protagonist enters the bar everyone quiets down and watch the protagonist as they sit at the bar, my protagonist looks to a man sitting next the them, he has interesting tatoos, they look around and see wanted posters posted all over the wall, they begin to notice that many of the criminal from the poster are in the very bar finally someone make a move on the protagonist, it begins slow but then a fight breaks out and one by one people begin to attack the protagonist after a few moments a ball bounces in the ball, everyone stops and looks at it, it rolls to reveal a skeleton face then the eye glow and then explodes. we go outside where posters rain down, we follow one that lands at the feet of the children playing outside revealing the protagonist as a criminal also, it ends with the children walking away. and that is all I have I feel like I need for development.

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