Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ok so I recently became part of a writing workshop class for animation in which I have to write a blog about what we discussed in the previous class for every class.

We were re introduced to the story structure; the message of the story, a change and why the change occurred. I guess a story requires 2 characters a conflict and a resolution. Last class we focused on the character vs characterization. Character being only revealed under pressure, I found this very interesting because I feel that all people tend to hide their insecurities and push false strengths but it's all useless cause once they are placed under pressure they fall apart. Whenever I designed a character I always enjoyed giving them a certain look but a different personality, I always thought of it as mysterious yet the more I think about it I hope I'm not created uninteresting characters, I am entranced by the the Beautiful female character that in actuality kicks ass, heroines. I guess what always lured me was the idea that females are viewed as fragile, weak and so if one were to use these assumption to their advantage they could catch people off guard.

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